Gongs for charity

7 09 2009

The New Year’s Honours List (Wikipedia definition) was published this morning. I started listing all the awards to do with charitable works then realised it would take me all morning – which in itself was a heartening discovery.

Here are the most obvious ones (the entire list, with many more, is here). Does anyone know which are definitely deserved… or not?

  • George Gordon EDINGTON – Chair, N.C.H. For services to Children.
  • Brigid, Lady CROFTON – Lately Trustee and Vice-Chair, UNICEF UK. For services to Children and Families Overseas.
  • The Reverend Canon Patricia Anne ATKINSON – For services to Street Children in South
  • Mary Elizabeth, Mrs MARSH – Director and Chief Executive, National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. For services to Families and Children
  • Ms Nina Lizette BAROUGH – Founder and Chief Executive, Walk the Walk Worldwide (Breast Cancer Charity). For services to Healthcare.
  • Michael David William GOOLEY – Chair, Trailfinders Travel Agency. For services to the Travel Industry and to Charity.
  • Robert Lawrence BANNER – Chair, Rethink Charity. For services to Mental Health.
  • Jennifer Susan, Mrs BYERS – Lately Executive Director, Donor Services, Charities Aid Foundation. For services to Charity.
  • Garth Michael GUTHRIE – For services to Charity.
  • Dr David Gerald HESSAYON – For services to Gardening and to Charity.
  • Joseph LISTON – Chief Executive, Jersey Electricity Company. For services to the Electrical Industry and to Charity.
  • Alan David BLAIR – Chief Executive, Wessex Heartbeat Charity. For charitable services in Hampshire.
  • Irene Helen, Mrs CALLAGHAN – For services to Nursing and to Charity in Angus.
  • Paul John FLETCHER – For services to Sport and to Charity.
  • Ms June Kunadu SARPONG – For services to Broadcasting and to Charity.
  • Leslie VINCE – For services to the Marfan Trust Charity.
  • Patricia Eleanor, Mrs WALLS – Chair, Cats Protection Charity. For services to Animal Welfare.
  • William Hugh YATES – Lately Deputy Chair, Suzy Lamplugh Trust. For services to Charity.



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