New boss rocks up

7 09 2009

I know for most people the Charity Commission is some funny government department that, um, has something to do with charities.

This lack of knowledge is understandable because anything to do with government is, by definition, boring. But as it happens, the Commission is less boring than most government bodies because, a, it’s allegedly independent from government but dependent on it for funding and, b, it allegedly has the role of policing charities but also of helping them. Strange animal.

The important news this week is that it has a new Chair.

The last Charity Commission Chair was very dynamic and was starting to shake the place up. The new one, I am told by someone who knows her, is equally energetic, open to new ideas and apparently bloody smart. What’s more, she sounds like a rock star: Suzi Leather.

If she lives up to her name, the Commission may develop a stronger role and may – who knows – make charities more effective. Watch this space.

Click here for Ms Leather’s biography




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