The best list yet?

7 09 2009

There’s a new list you can use to search for UK charities and it’s a high-fat alternative to the other big contender, GuideStar. Highlights include:

  • The biggest list: coverage of 220,000 organisations across the entire UK – including non-profits which are not registered charities.
  • Search by a meaningful set of categories (eg Elderly, Social Welfare). This is a big advance over the other offerings. However categories haven’t been assigned to all entries and you’ll miss out if you want a comprehensive list.
  • A postcode search which lets you define your local radius (from 5-25 miles).
  • Search by whether or not the organisation has a website. Nice.

It’s from the charity banking organisation CAF. Researching donors will also be happy to know that there are rumblings of a new secret weapon from GuideStar and I wonder when that will roll out and what it will deliver…

CAF’s advanced search is here.




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