How To Download All Your Twitter Updates

Guest post by Akmal Wardak
How can you download all your Twitter Tweets?  Your Twitter updates appear in your profile pages, so you always have access to all your tweets. However, once you’ve posted a few dozen updates or more, it’s a hassle to slog through a bunch of different pages in your profile to find […]

6 Apps to Create Free iPhone Ringtones

Guest post by Srikanth
Want to convert your favorite audio file or an mp3 as a iPhone ringtone? Here are some handy applications which enable you to create iPhone compatible ringtones from different audio formats MP3, WAV, WMA and MP4 etc., for free.

How to Replace an Apple iPod Hard Drive

Guest article by Uttoran Sen.
How can you replace your Apple iPod hard drive? It’s almost guaranteed that in the life of your iPod either the hard drive or battery will fail. Apple expects you to contact them, pay an exorbitant amount of money, ship it in for a few weeks, and get it back […]

7 Worst SEO Mistakes You Can Make

Guest article by Stuart McHenry.
Don’t fall for these common SEO mistakes that can tank your search engine rankings.  In the online world there is so much bad SEO information out there, that  it is hard to sift through it all.  Below are the top 7 worst mistakes you can make for SEO (search engine optimization).

How to Access Blocked Websites and Bypass Filters

Guest post by Elisabeta Ghidiu.
How can you access blocked sites and cross web filters? Many people deal with controlled access to specific websites. This happens especially in some countries where Internet censorship is applied and people’s access to specific websites is restricted. Also, these days more and more institutions, schools and companies are implementing this […]

How to Install Ubuntu Linux

Guest article by Althaf.
Wondering how to install Ubuntu Linux? So, you finally decided to give up on the Windows or Mac OSX world and make a switch over to what could be considered the fastest growing operating system to date? Good. Ubuntu captures all of what you could ever need in an operating system and […]

Best Practices And Tools For Optimizing Images

Guest post by Akmal Wardak.
What are best tools and practices for optimizing images? With massive demand for the consumption of content with the emergence of blogging, more and more web masters are paying attention to generating traffic from secondary sources of content such as videos and images.

How to Change Cron Time on VPS cPanel

I was trying to change our server cron timings which is usually set at 1AM. But when you change your server time to match your own local time, the Cron activities still continue at 1AM.  So how can you change the cron timing on your VPS Cpanel?

How to Add Icons to Twitter Profiles

Lots of Twitter profiles now feature icons supporting social and charity causes. Twibbon is a cool service which will let you overlay icons of your choice on your Twitter profile for free.

Restore Missing Spam, Starred, Thrash, Chat Links in Gmail

Are you missing Spam, Starred, Thrash, Chat, All Mail links in your Gmail Sidebar? I was missing all these very useful links in my Gmail and investigated to find where these commonly used links dissappeared.

9 Easy Ways to Boost Wireless Router Signal

Guest post by Srikanth.
Need some tips to boost your wireless router signal? Working wireless gives extra mobility and freedom to work from anywhere. Many of us might be using wireless routers to stay connected to the internet on our laptop or PC which is great but sometimes the signal strength is inadequate, which results in […]

28 Free Online File Format Conversion Tools

Guest post by Srikanth.
The following file conversion sites allows you to convert files of the most common and frequently used file formats. They support almost all kinds of file formats with regard to audio, video, document and image.

How to Speed Up Nokia Phones with Symbian Mobile OS

Guest post by Smartin
Have you ever come across “phone out of memory” warning in your Symbian Nokia mobile? Likely your phone is in trouble with unwanted files, errors and hidden background running applications. Similar to Windows based personal computers, mobile operating systems also faces slow downs and performance lags due to above mentioned issues. So […]

How to Clean a Dirty CD

Guest post by Amit Bhawani.
Do you know how to clean a CD? Every time you keep your CD outside the pouch, there is a high possibility that the CD could get dirty, smudged or fingerprinted. And the problem with most of you is that you want to clean it but you don’t know how to […]

How to Password Protect Directory Using .htaccess

Do you want to password protect a directory on your website? .htaccess is a powerful file which can easily password protect your files and folders in your web directories. I share this new skill I learnt while  implementing it on our site.

9 Free WYSIWYG Tools to Create Online Forms

Guest post by Tehseen
Forms are an integral feature of any website or blog but not everybody has the HTML knowledge to create forms easily. If you are one of those people, don’t worry! Because now you can create forms without writing a single line of code. These WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) […]

Getting Started with Web Application Development

Guest post by Graeme
In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to build an impressive web application, including a sample to work with as we go along. I will be using Google App Engine and JQuery, which are by far the easiest and most effective tools to use at the moment.

How Do I Change My IP Address?

Guest post by Amit Bhawani
How to change my IP address? The Internet Protocol (IP) address of a computer on a network is the unique address (at that point in time) that a computer is identified by in a network. It is also the layer that sits atop the TCP/IP layer so that packets can be […]

How to Create Cool Usernames

Guest post by Srikanth
Username has many important qualities, it instantly represents you. If you join a social networking site, then you need to have a cool username to gain focus and visibility. Username should be creative, unique and should be able to represent you in all means.

5 Best Sites to Get Answers to Your Questions

Guest post by Dee Barizo
The Internet is a rich resource of information on all things imaginable. But while you can just key in a query on the Google search box, you are not sure you would get the right information. This is especially true if you are looking for answers to specific questions. And because […]

12 Easy Ways to Extend Mobile Phone Battery Life

Guest post by Srikanth
How to increase your mobile phone battery life? Most of the modern mobile phones come with good batteries, which last for years if used according to the manufacturer instructions. Nowadays most of the mobile phones can support various applications and programs that are useful to us. […]

10 Best Sites to Create Your Own Free Ringtones

Guest post by Srikanth
Want to convert your mp3 to ringtones? There are several reasons people use different ringtones for. For instance, to distinguish between different callers, for the joy of music or just for fun. Different cell phones use different formats. So you need to research what file […]

How to Clean Laptop / Notebook LCD Screens

Guest post by Srikanth
Keeping your laptop display clean is very essential. If you are working on graphics or watching photos or videos, dirt and fingerprints left on the screen can alter the appearance of the image making it difficult to judge the quality. Display of the laptop is sensitive therefore certain care should be taken […]

How to Create Daily Backups of WordPress MySQL Database

Create daily backups of your WordPress blog MySQL database as it is the single most important data resource that is required to restore your blog should you need to urgently migrate to another host or restore your database from a crashed server.

Success Secrets of a Top Techmeme Tipper

Hundreds of people submit tips to Techmeme, but only a few get accepted. And some top techmeme tippers manage to get  many tips accepted everyday. Atul Arora or @atul on twitter is one such top Techmeme tipper whose tips are listed several times a day on Techememe, everyday! We  requested Atul to answer some questions […]

How to Make Twitter Green Avatars

Have you noticed many Twitter avatars / icons on Twitter profiles have a green color shade. Make your Twitter Avatar Green and join the new revolution on Twitter to support the Iranian election protests.

How to Set Private Nameservers on Domain Names

We got some free new white-listed domain specific private  nameservers courtesy of our new Knownhost VPS hosting. But setting up private nameservers is a little different, when you try changing the nameservers with your domain name registrar.

How to Apply for Twitter Verified Account

How can you get a� Twitter Verified Account? Twitter Verified Accounts are labeled by a Twitter verified logo and is seen on twitter profiles of well known celebrities, artists, athletes, actors, public officials, and public agencies.

How to Move, Unlock Toolbars in Firefox

Firefox does not have a lock / unlock Toolbar option (like IE). So how can you move or unlock Firefox toolbars and organize your toolbars better to optimize screen space, and make it look elegant.

Make Your Site Faster with Google Page Speed, Firebug

How can you can make your site run faster? Google has launched a firefox extension called Page Speed which webmasters can use to evaluate the performance of their web pages and to get suggestions on how to improve them.

How to Change Bing Safe Search Preferences

Bing is Microsoft’s new search engine, but the strict filters may be blocking valid text content you need to surf. How can you change the Bing safe search preferences from Strict to Moderate in India and many other countries, or turn on Strict filters in countries where the safe filter is set to moderate.

Convert Firefox into a Social Networking Powerhouse

Guest article by Pallab.
The biggest asset of Firefox is its extensions. Extensions allow you to take a simple browser and convert it into a powerhouse. QuickOnlineTips loves talking about these gems from time to time. Today we will take a look at three extensions geared towards social network addicts.

Check Your Feedburner RSS Feed Size

A blogger friend complained that Feedburner was not updating his feed. The original feed served to Feedburner had a huge size, and Feedburner will not process feeds larger than 512KB.

Moderate WordPress Comments Live on Your Desktop

Guest article by Amit Banerjee
How often do you check your blog dashboard for unmoderated comments? If you would prefer a desktop client for moderating wordpress blog comments here is some good news for you. Daniel Dura has released an Adobe AIR desktop client called Moderator which allows you to moderate your blog comments from […]

Fix WordPress Feed XML Parsing Errors: Delete Blank Lines

Our Feedburner feed was down, and so was the WordPress source feed which showed “XML Parsing Error: XML or text declaration not at start of entity“. And all this while Google reader was correctly tracking our feed, while it was not loading in any web browser!

Separate Trackbacks, Style Comments in WordPress 2.7

How do you separate comments from trackbacks, and style comments in WordPress 2.7 blogs? The latest WP version brought in some amazing new functionality to comments (like comment threading, paging) and some new template tags and CSS classes which made WordPress comments easier to work with and enabled easier customized styling.

Update DNS CNAME to Fix Feedburner MyBrand Feed Errors

Have you checked if your Feedburner MyBrand� feed is working? If your Feedburner feed has migrated to a Google account (like everyone) and you have not changed your CNAME entry in the DNS records of your domain name, chances are high that your feed is NOT working.

How to Disable, Block, Remove the DiggBar?

Digg bar continues to frames websites and blogs, but do you know how to remove the Diggbar? The popular DiggBar lets you Digg, read comments, find related content, and share stuff from any page on the Web quickly and easily.�� (See this article on Diggbar)

How to Upgrade PHP4 to PHP5 in One Click

We upgraded our server from PHP4 to PHP5 today. Irritated by my internal server errors, I checked the PHP version of the wordpress hosting server and realized our blog was still hosted on the very old PHP4.4.9 version, though PHP5.2.9 version is the latest version available. So how to upgrade PHP4 to PHP5?

How to Find PHP Version of Hosting Server

In my attempt to fix internal server errors, I went about looking for simple ways to find the php version which powers the wordpress installation on our web hosting server. Here is the small tip to do it easily.

20K Pageviews Traffic Despite Internal Server Errors!

Regular QOT visitors would notice the site was down over last few days off and on with 500 Internal server errors. Still the site topped over 20,000 pageviews traffic everyday. The amazing secret is page caching!

How to Create News Sitemap for Google News

How to add your blog to Google news and showcase your articles to a huge readership? There are several technical requirements which need to be met, and a news sitemap can help you get accepted.

Show Tweetmeme Button on Selected WordPress Posts

Guest post by Sumesh
Tweetmeme is a Digg-like site for popular links on Twitter. Using a Tweetmeme badge can be a helpful reminder for your readers to retweet it – and if my experience is anything to go by, Twitter does send targeted traffic to your blogs. Clicking on the Tweetmeme badge will direct you […]

Free Custom Twitter Background Designs

Want to make your Twitter profile page unique? Get a free custom Twitter background design to enhance your profile, establish your brand and gain more Twitter followers.

How Tim Ferriss Gained 5000 Twitter Followers in 5 Days

How did Timothy Ferriss, author of my favorite bestseller The 4-Hour Workweek, gain nearly 5000 Twitter followers in 5 days? He simply offered to donate $3 per Twitter follower and thousands of Twitter users started following him!

How to Apply for Microsoft India MVP Award

It’s an honor to become a�Microsoft Most Valuable Professional or MVP, but how can you apply to become a MVP in India. If you are a top blogger, tech expert or outstanding technical community leader, its easy to become a MVP.

6 Free Tools to Create Your Own Chat Room

Guest article by Amit Banerjee
A quick look on the various websites that let you create your own chat room for free. You can create private or password protected chat rooms and also embed your personal chat room to your social profiles or in your blog .

How to Create Fake Google Adsense Earnings Screenshots

Beware of huge fake Google Adsense income screenshots being posted in forums by bloggers. You will be surprised how easy it is to create a fake Adsense earnings screenshot without any photoshopping skills and mislead unsuspecting readers.

Increase Feed Subscribers using Detailed Traffic Statistics

Guest article by Glen Allsopp
If you ask any blogger what metric they would like to increase on their blog, it’s likely that their first answer will either be income or feed subscribers. Of course, they are linked in some way: the more feed subscribers you get, the bigger the audience you have to leverage for […]

How to Gain Thousands of Twitter Followers in One Day

Why do Britney Spears, NYT, Gaurdian get thousands of new Twitter followers everyday? Simple. If you are the privleged few to get a place in the Twitter Suggested Users list, you are featured on the accounts and sign up pages of thousands of Twitterers daily, and then its not difficult to increase Twitter followers by […]

Send Tips to Techmeme Using Twitter

Techmeme, the starting page for all technology news has now started accepting tips via Twitter to get them quickly posted on Techmeme. And if the article makes the Techmeme front page, they credit the Twitter profile for the tip.

See All Twitter Followers on Single Page

How can can you see all your Twitter followers on one page? Twitter lets you see only few Twitter followers in a paged interface. Simply enter your username in Twitter Mosaic, and it will generate a collage of all your Twitter followers on one page.

Quick Ways to Irritate Your Visitors

Guest article by Viraj Sawant
Here are some common webmaster mistakes that make site visitors click away rather than enjoy browsing your site.

Ban IP to Stop WordPress Comment Spam Forever

WordPress spam comments is a big problem, but how can we stop, ban , block spam comments before they hit our wordpress blogs. A simple plugin can ban IP addresses of spammers and significantly reduce spam comments on your blog.

Fix Write Errors in Google Sitemaps WordPress Plugin

Soon after upgrading to WordPress 2.7, I realized my trusted Google XML Sitemaps generator wordpress plugin was showing some write errors and was unable to generate an updated sitemap.

WP Super-Cache Not Deleting Expired Pages

I recently tweaked our blog template and was surprised to see a large number of pages were still displaying the old template! Obviously these pages were being displayed by WP Super-cache, but I had already deleted the wordpress cache, so how was it possible?

5 Easy Online Ways to Help Reduce Poverty

Its Blog action day today and the blogosphere is spreading the word to fight poverty and hunger to raise the basic living standards of the world. As you read this article on your expensive computer, sipping a hot coffee, in your comfortable air conditioned room – millions of people are living in poverty and are […]

7 Ways of Making a Blog Look Professional

Guest article by Syed Abbas from Tnerd
With thousands of blogs being launched every day, one has to offer something different from the others to stand out of the crowd. The �differentiator� is what the readers will remember and that�s precisely what will bring them back to your blog. [Image credit: anniemole]

How to List Your Startup Quickly on KillerStartUps

Guest article by Mircea Goia from MyTestBox
You’ve just launched a website (company) and you want people to know about it immediately. Of course, there are many places you can advertise your new website (company) – for free or for money.

How to Insert Unicode Symbols in Twitter

I was surprised to see some top Twitter users display cool symbols in their tweets and impress their followers. Here is the little secret about how to insert those special characters and unicode symbols into your twitter posts too.

Fix Light Text on Dark Background to Reduce Eye Strain

I often encounter professional web designers who like to display light text on dark backgrounds (sometimes white text on black background), but have they ever wondered how much eyestrain it causes to the reader and how much difficult it is to read the text?

12 Essential Tips to Build Your First WordPress Theme

Guest article by Sandip Dedhia from BlogsDNA
I always wanted to contribute to the wordpress community by building a WordPress theme and releasing it to public. After efforts of 20 days I just managed to finish my first WordPress theme. It was a great learning experience for me. During this process I ran […]

How to Get Free Links from New York Times

New York Times is one of the top news portals on the web and getting linked from NYT is every webmasters dream. Analyzing my site traffic logs, it was surprising to see a steady stream of traffic from NYT links. New York Times had indeed linked to us and can link to you too.

15 Secrets of Successful Guest Bloggers

Are you a great guest blogger? Guest blogging has become very popular in the blogosphere as most bloggers write a guest post on top blogs to gain exposure, more readers and free traffic. But successful guest bloggers are smart, know their goals and work hard to achieve the best results.

How to Add Gravatars to WordPress Themes

Add Gravatars to your WordPress theme. Gravatars are a quick way to add a personal touch to your blog comments by displaying the avatar of the commenter alongside their comment. The latest WordPress versions incorporate Gravatar support by default (you don’t need a plugin anymore!). This article will show you how to add gravatars / […]

How to Test Website Load Time

Do you know how fast your website load time is? A Fast loading website is the first step to a successful online presence, but you will be surprised how many scripts and widgets may be slowing your site to a crawl. Pingdom has a solution to check your site upload time in one click.

How to Create a Free Mobile Site in Minutes

Many people access your site using mobile devices and bloggers need to maintain a mobile version of their site so that their blog appears navigable and professional to mobile site visitors. Mofuse is a service which will help you create your mobile site in minutes.

How to Edit Any Web Page Live in Your Browser

How easy is it to edit any webpage on any website in your browser? Very simple and easy. Paste a simple code into the location bar and you can actually edit any page on any site in realtime. Though this sounds like fun, it can have serious implications.

How to Display Your Blog on Reuters for Free!

Is it possible to display your article on Reuters? Unbelievable but possible. There are several news syndication services that can place your blog headlines and content on the top mainstream media sites for free. See how our domain management article is displayed on Reuters.

10 Useful Offline Blog Promotion Tips

Blog promotion is an integral blogging task to get traffic to your site, and offline blog promotion can drive serious targeted traffic to your site, from a genuinely interested and curious audience. I read this nice three part series and learnt some offline blog promotion techniques, and analyzed some tricks that will work.

Experiences with Hosting Downtime, Dreamhost, Googlebot, Shell

The site was down for 36 hours over the weekend as our web hosting provider Dreamhost disabled all sites on the account for overuse of CPU minutes. After multiple unclosed support tickets went with no response… I knew I had to fix it myself and here is how I proceeded …

How to Manage Domain Names Like a Pro

Domain names are your prized real estate on the web and securing and protecting your valuable domain name is essential. As the number of your owned domain name increases, managing domain names requires extra effort and advanced skills. Here are some simple tips to keep your domains fine tuned.

Turn Room Lights On and Off with Twitter!

You can turn your room lights on and off remotely by sending a text message from your mobile phone to Twitter! if you thought Twitter was only a Microblogging platform, think again.

5 Best Videos to Learn About RSS

What is RSS? Why do you need to know about RSS? RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication and is a web feed format used to publish frequently updated content such as blog entries, news headlines or podcasts. RSS is the best way to keep track of latest content on your favorite blogs.

Add WordPress SECRET_KEY for Secure Cookies

WordPress 2.5 has incorporated a cool feature for better cookie security. You can add a SECRET_KEY to the wordpress wp-config.php file and make cookies secure against attacks where someone has hacked into your database via an SQL injection exploit etc.

I Unsubscribe My RSS Email Readers

Sometime I get emails by people requesting to be removed from the RSS email mailings being sent when new articles are published. Of course they subscribed to receive updates by email, filled in a form, clicked on the confirmation link sent to their email account, but now they want to unsubscribe. We help them unsubscribe…

Stop RSS Feed Scraping with AntiLeech WordPress Plugin

As I switched to full feeds, concerned about feed scrappers republishing our copyrighted content, lots of helpful readers shared their views and thoughts about the issue and how to deal with it. This helped me find some WordPress plugins that can help you effectively deal with RSS scrappers.

Google Coop: 5 Steps to Build Social Search Engine for Your Blog

Guest article by S. Maheshwaran from My Mind Leaks
Google coop is a customized search engine service. This allows you to build a social-search engine for your blog. Google coop provides you a control panel where you can start creating your own search engine and later collaborate with users to enhance it i.e. Socialize it.

Single Underline Links in Kontera Ads

Kontera is a popular in-text advertising service and the ads show as double underlines under text. However, many sites are displaying single underlines under these links and the secret is out…

Slow Googleblot Crawling: Stop Crashing Shared Hosting Servers

I slowed Googlebot crawling down a few months back. It seemed Googlebot, the Google search bot, was then crashing our shared hosting server repeatedly and my hosting provider Dreamhost intimated that we fix the issues if possible or upgrade to a higher hosting plan. Since private servers are expensive, and my traffic is not spiky […]

How to Fix Google Adsense Login Errors

I often have Google Adsense login errors when I try to login to my Adsense account. Despite being sure that the username (email) and password are correct, I am unable to login several times. Google has now clarified why it occurs…

Snow Fall on WordPress Blogs!

Some blogs are having a snow fall on their blog this chilly winter. This timely snowfall is courtesy of Matt Mullenweg who has enabled an option to cause blog snowing!

Math Question Blocks Most WordPress Spam Comments

Many wordpress bloggers test a simple math question for posting comments for spam protection. I recently installed the Math Comment Spam Protection and comment spam for moderation is almost zero, and Akismet spam is down to a minimum.

How to Create Multiple Dynamic Sidebars for WordPress Widgets

In the last tutorial, you learnt how to widgetize your wordpress theme to support wordpress widgets. Now this tutorial explains how to create multiple dynamic sidebars to add various combinations of widgets to customize your wordpress theme even more.

How to Widget-Enable WordPress Themes in 3 Easy Steps

WordPress Widgets are an amazing way to customize your blog besides wordpress plugins. How to widgetize your wordpress theme? I use a heavily modified version of the Blix wordpress theme, which does not support widgets…

How to Turn On-Off Comments and Pings for Multiple Previous Posts

When I started the tumblelog, the idea was short tips and I had disabled comments and trackbacks for all posts via the default wordpress settings. Hundreds of posts later, I decided to open up comments, but it was a difficult task to turn on comments in existing posts as you had to do it manually […]

How to Make a Short Url Longer and Larger

I was recently emailed a rather long url by a friend and when I clicked on it, it redirected to my site! Though there are so many services to make a url shorter, there are web services to make urls longer and larger than you can imagine.

How to Join, Split, Cut, Sort, Mix, Mash Multiple RSS Feeds

I have been playing around with Yahoo! Pipes for some time now and have found it an amazing tool to customize multiple feeds in any possible way you like. I have now joined the feeds of all our sites and sourced it through our main feed. Here is how it works …

Google 405 Errors with wp-comments-post.php

I have been tracking the web crawl diagnostics in Google webmaster tools for quite some time, and over the last few weeks have been noticing a Google 405 Error with wp-comments-post.php file in my wordpress installation.

WP-Cache Bug Strikes Back: Site Down 17 Hours

In case you visited the site a few hours back, it was down with internal server errors. Unlike last time when the site was down 36 hours, this time I knew what the problem was and as soon as I disabled Wp-cache, the site was instantly back online…

How to Turn Off SnapShots Previews on Websites

Did you know you can remove snapshots previews on websites? Lot of websites have enabled Snap Shots on their site which empowers their readers with enhanced hyperlinks that display previews, text summaries, videos, stock charts, MP3s, product info etc. If you find these pop up links as irritating as I do, simply turn them off.

How to Report Feed Content Republishing to Feedburner

What do you do if someone creates a new Feedburner feed using your original feed or a splog decides to republish your feed content. Of course there are ways to complain, but I spotted this new feature on Feedburner, which lets you complain when someone is using your content without permission.

How to Setup Feedburner MyBrand on Your Domain

Feedburner MyBrand is a Pro feature for showcasing your feedburner feed on your own domain name. Recently Feedbuner MyBrand became free and now bloggers can easily change the feedburner url to a more professsional url with your domain branding. Check out how I got this feature working on my Dreamhost web hosting in a few […]

How to Make Your Paid Text Links Ads Google-Friendly

There is a big debate raging that Google will penalize sites buying and selling text links. However, Matt Cutts, the Google search quality engineer speaking at SES San Jose conference has clarified some ways you can make your paid links safe for search engines like Google and lists some text advertising services they are happy […]

10 Easy Ways to Find Permalinks of Blog Articles

A newbie blogger was having difficulty in locating Permalinks for blog posts which he wanted to quote as a source for his articles. Permalinks are the permanent links for the blog article. It is important that the permalink urls are easily accessible to the readers so that they can easily link to them. But a […]

Superfast Way to Upgrade WordPress with Changed Files

WordPress 2.2.2 is released and its upgrade time again. The best way to upgrade is the recommended way, but since this is a minor update, with no database upgrades and no plugin issues, I tried to update from the last version 2.2.1 using the changed files only and it took less than a minute!

Upgrading WordPress: Notify Visitors with Maintenance Mode

When you upgrade WordPress, your blog is offline for the period of time you upgrade and your visitors see all sorts of php and mysql database errors displayed. A better and more professional way is to notify your visitors of an ongoing WordPress upgrade and that your blog will be back in under an hour, […]

NO WordPress or Word Press: Write WordPress Correctly!

How many times have you blogged about the popular free blogging tool WordPress without ever knowing about the correct way to write it (I am sure you still think I wrote it right). I have blogging about WordPress for a long time, and recently realized that the correct usage is WordPress (with a capital P).

How to Type Flipped Text: ?x?? p?dd?1?

The first time I saw s??? ???1 ?x??, it was truly surprising. But it seems a fun way to write text like this and as it gets popular, those who know about it can show off, while those who don’t know this font trick keep wondering which software makes it possible.

How to Fix Missing WordPress Database Backup Emails

I use the amazing WordPress Database Backup wordpress plugin to create backup of my WordPress database. The latest version, powered by WordPress 2.2, can email you a daily backup of your MySQL database using WordPress cron system. I have configured WordPress Database Backup wordpress plugin to email the database files weekly, but for the last […]

Feedback Check: Can Your Readers Contact You?

When was the last time you checked your contact form was working? Contact forms hide your email address from prying eyes while helping readers and site visitors contact you. If you suffer from poor visitor feedback, it is possible your contact form is broken! Read on…

Surf a Random Post: Roll the Dice

Do you just feel like browsing through our posts – at random! I got a few emails of surprised readers who noticed a pair of red dice on the top right corner. Well if you just click on it you are directed to any random post in a StumbleUpon like way.

Edit Feed-rss2.php to Customize Feeds in WordPress

I am in a habit of customizing my default WordPress feed to include more relevant content like comments, related posts, copyright statements and Categories. But when I upgraded to WordPress 2.2 recently, all my feed customization was lost. I proceeded to investigate the issue…

Disable Tab Scrolling in Firefox 2

I recently tried Firefox 2 RC and missed the ability to open mutliple tabs (as many as I want) in a single window as seen in Firefox 1.5. I usually open 15-20 tabs at a time in Firefox and now they scroll to the side.

Create Your Own Firefox Search Plugin in 20 Minutes

If you love searching Google from the official Firefox search bar on the top right of Firefox, now you can search our site Quick Online Tips direct from the search bar. Though I had mentioned about the Mycroft project earlier, I finally managed to use Mycroft to get my own first firefox search plugin.

How to Remove Firefox Extensions Install Delay

Firefox extensions can truly power up your firefox web browser. But when you install an extension or click on an XPI file (for the extension), a confirmation dialog pops up with a short wait of a few seconds, preventing you from immediately confirming the install. Why is there this delay in installing firefox extensions, is […]

How to Password Protect Screensavers for Computer Security

Is your computer secure when you decide to leave it alone for a little while? You could always log off or shut down your computer every few minutes or leave your secure data unattended. A better idea is to run your screensaver and password protect it.

How to Complain and Report Spam Blogger Blogs

There are hundreds of spam blogs (also called Splogs) in the blogosphere, mostly created on free blogging platform Blogger. How can you report and complain about these spam blogs.

Is Norton Internet Security Firewall Blocking Programs Net Access?

Is Norton Internet Security blocking internet access to your computer programs? My friends computer has Firefox that was not able to open any site, while Internet explorer worked. It seemed somehow firefox was being blocked internet access. Read on…

How to Find IMEI Number of Your Mobile Phone

IMEI number or International Mobile Equipment Identity number is a unique number associated with every GSM and UMTS mobile phone and can help you find your stolen cell phone easily. Save your IMEI number today.

How to Buy Domain Names Successfully

Learn how to buy domain names like a pro. Domain names gives you a unique identity on the net and each avid net user must have one. But before you put in all that money, its a good idea to know the basic tips which go a long way to maintaining good domains. This […]


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