Avocado Health Benefits

9 09 2009

Recently I’ve been experimenting a bit with different ingredients in my salads.  I’ve tried dozens of fruits, vegetables and toppings but one fruit that always makes it’s way on my plate is Avocados (and yes they’re a fruit not a vegetable).

I can’t really pin-point why I like them so much, but I’m glad I’m hooked on them cause they’re really one heck of a power house food!


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How To Avoid The H1N1 Flu Virus

9 09 2009

To say that there’s a great deal of panic over the so-called “Swine Flu” which is also known as its actual name – the H1N1 Flu, would be a dramatic understatement. The fact that the flu comes with the potential for death has a significant negative impact on people’s psyche. Even if the odds of dying from the H1N1 flu are very rare, the flu still remains a serious and debilitating condition. That’s why it is necessary to take the right steps to prevent the flu from taking a foothold.


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School bans t-shirt bearing the First Amendment

7 09 2009

I have never been more proud of our freedom than after hearing this perfect display of irony.

Back to School Problems at Burroughs

7 09 2009

Story: Back to School Problems at Burroughs

This might be the only school in the country where the swine flu isn’t the biggest health concern. Some PTA mothers are actually strapping up with face masks and telling parents to turn around and bring their kids back in a couple days. The school recently had some construction, and the PTA (who also apparently moon-light with the EPA), doesn’t feel the air quality is breathable yet. Is it just me, or is staying in school is becoming harder and harder?

Gun discharges in bookbag at Macon middle school

7 09 2009

It sounds like the student was practicing proper firearm safety by not aiming the gun at any people. It just stinks that he most likely ruined a brand new backpack during a time of economic crunch. His mom should teach him a lesson by making him use the bullet-hole riddled one the rest of the school year.

‘Education’ misspelled on CMS teacher coaster

7 09 2009

I hope North Carolina isn’t putting their best foot forward in this one. They distributed 1800 coasters as a teacher gift and misspelled the one word we hope they get right- Education. Is there anyone who wants to argue that Microsoft Word spellcheck hasn’t dumbed us all down a bit?

Boy, 5, on wrong bus dropped off miles from home

7 09 2009

Story: Boy, 5, on wrong bus dropped off miles from home

It is easy to understand how a 5-year old can get on the wrong bus and be dropped off miles from his home when responsible adults aren’t doing their job. Hope he had some cab money to get home.