Texas Middle School Student Dies After Hot Football Practice

7 09 2009

It didn’t matter that it was 105 degrees outside. Clearly a State Championship is more important.

Fla. students sent home over for anti-Islam shirts

7 09 2009

Several students were sent home from school in Gainesville for wearing shirts comparing Islam to the Devil. A pastor at a nearby church was handing them out to his followers. He claims, “spreading the church’s message is more important than education.” Well, I can see he certainly isn’t spreading a message of peace and love. But it makes for a good toss up question- Which is more boring- church or school?

9-year-old punches guidance counselor

7 09 2009

Story: Citrus deputy: 9-year-old punches guidance counselor

I am guessing elementary school guidance counselors aren’t trained to roll with a punch. It was also learned that the boy has a history of punching classmates and family members. It’s too bad his mom didn’t want to deal with this before, because now her little son has a criminal record. What a way to start off the school year!

Transgender teen wants genderless bathrooms

7 09 2009

Story: Transgender Vt. teen wants genderless bathrooms

I am not sure how many transgendered students there are attending Vermont high schools, but I am guessing that number is very close to one. Sounds to me like this kid just wants his own bathroom!

Boy gets helicopter ride to school

7 09 2009

This story seems to neglect the most interesting fact. Apparently in Florida you can just rent helicopters and ride them all over town, because that’s what his dad did. Other classmates plan to out-do the boy by showing up to school in tanks and battleships.

Naked man hijacks bus carrying students

7 09 2009

Story: Naked man hijacks bus carrying students

I know they call it “Hot-lanta” but seriously dude — put some clothes on before you try to hijack the school bus. Especially in the summer — if school bus seats are anything like the hot vinyl frying pans they used to be when I was in school, they aren’t the sort of place you want to be sitting bare-assed.

9-year-old Indian girl paraded naked for failing to pay school fees

7 09 2009

Maybe we were wrong at DetentionSlip. Maybe U.S. schools really aren’t that bad.