School bans t-shirt bearing the First Amendment

7 09 2009

I have never been more proud of our freedom than after hearing this perfect display of irony.

Fla. students sent home over for anti-Islam shirts

7 09 2009

Several students were sent home from school in Gainesville for wearing shirts comparing Islam to the Devil. A pastor at a nearby church was handing them out to his followers. He claims, “spreading the church’s message is more important than education.” Well, I can see he certainly isn’t spreading a message of peace and love. But it makes for a good toss up question- Which is more boring- church or school?

Band shirts hit wrong note with parents

7 09 2009

Story: Band shirts hit wrong note with parents

The high school’s marching band all had shirts with an evolution image similar to above, but each of the species was carrying a brass instrument. Some parents immediately threw a fit because the shirts depicted evolution. We can only assume that these parents believe that music was conceived through the eye’s of God, and did not evolve over time.