How To Easily Eye-Ball Correct Serving Sizes

9 09 2009

Did you know that only 1% of the total population can gauge serving sizes correctly? Understanding how much to eat is vital if you want to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain your weight. The first thing I’d recommend you do is get a measuring cup and play around with different measurements for a couple of weeks so you can get a feel for different portion sizes.


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How To Avoid Plateauing And Continue To Lose Weight

9 09 2009

For some women, after a few months of beginning a new exercise program they’re able to see incredible results. They’re able to lose some pounds and maybe even drop a dress size or two.

But, a lot more women are allowing themselves and their exercise routines to become dull predictable. They allow themselves to get comfortable and never really push their body more than what it’s use to. At this point they “hit the wall” or “plateau”.


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And The Best Cardio Machine Is…

9 09 2009

With so many cardio machines out there, it’s really hard to distinguish the difference from one machine to another. One of the most common questions I get, as a trainer is, “Which machine will I burn the most fat on?”


Before I let you know what I recommend lets take a quick look at some of the popular choices.

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Can Organics Be Pricey?

9 09 2009

“Marci, are organic products expensive?”



That was a question one of my clients asked me today…and that was my answer. But I’d like to take it a bit further…if I may…

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Drink Pop, Gain Weight

9 09 2009

Soda pop has been a hot topic for many years when it comes to women’s nutrition and weight gain.

Since the public is now clearly aware of how much sugar goes into one can of pop people are moving away from the popular beverages to bottled water – which is good but I still think we’re guzzling down way too much pop for our own good.


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[Video] Back Exercises For Women

9 09 2009

Alright so after my last post (10 Simple Tips For Back Pain Relief) I got a lot of emails and facebook messages form many of you asking…

“Marci what kind of exercises are good to strengthen my back?”

I got so much of these emails that i decided to do a quick video of some of the BEST upper and lower back exercises that have worked well for myself and my clients.

All you have to do is hit the play button below and try out the exercises.  I’ve also made a little guide to help you through the exercises.  If you have any questions or comments just post ‘em below.  Enjoy! :-D

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Avocado Health Benefits

9 09 2009

Recently I’ve been experimenting a bit with different ingredients in my salads.  I’ve tried dozens of fruits, vegetables and toppings but one fruit that always makes it’s way on my plate is Avocados (and yes they’re a fruit not a vegetable).

I can’t really pin-point why I like them so much, but I’m glad I’m hooked on them cause they’re really one heck of a power house food!


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