How To Easily Eye-Ball Correct Serving Sizes

9 09 2009

Did you know that only 1% of the total population can gauge serving sizes correctly? Understanding how much to eat is vital if you want to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain your weight. The first thing I’d recommend you do is get a measuring cup and play around with different measurements for a couple of weeks so you can get a feel for different portion sizes.


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How To Avoid Plateauing And Continue To Lose Weight

9 09 2009

For some women, after a few months of beginning a new exercise program they’re able to see incredible results. They’re able to lose some pounds and maybe even drop a dress size or two.

But, a lot more women are allowing themselves and their exercise routines to become dull predictable. They allow themselves to get comfortable and never really push their body more than what it’s use to. At this point they “hit the wall” or “plateau”.


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Gun discharges in bookbag at Macon middle school

7 09 2009

It sounds like the student was practicing proper firearm safety by not aiming the gun at any people. It just stinks that he most likely ruined a brand new backpack during a time of economic crunch. His mom should teach him a lesson by making him use the bullet-hole riddled one the rest of the school year.

Boy, 5, on wrong bus dropped off miles from home

7 09 2009

Story: Boy, 5, on wrong bus dropped off miles from home

It is easy to understand how a 5-year old can get on the wrong bus and be dropped off miles from his home when responsible adults aren’t doing their job. Hope he had some cab money to get home.

Texas Middle School Student Dies After Hot Football Practice

7 09 2009

It didn’t matter that it was 105 degrees outside. Clearly a State Championship is more important.

Naked man hijacks bus carrying students

7 09 2009

Story: Naked man hijacks bus carrying students

I know they call it “Hot-lanta” but seriously dude — put some clothes on before you try to hijack the school bus. Especially in the summer — if school bus seats are anything like the hot vinyl frying pans they used to be when I was in school, they aren’t the sort of place you want to be sitting bare-assed.

Waterford man says fake student scheme was to show ‘flaws in the system’

7 09 2009

A 52-year old man pretended to be a high school student so he could (he claims) expose some flaws in school security. His plan was to write a book. Well, hopefully in the first chapter he includes that part about getting arrested within hours of the first day, facing charges of forgery and criminal trespassing, and being held on $100,000 bond. It turns out the system is completely effective when creepy 50-year old men try to pass as high school seniors. Wow…potential sex offenders will do anything to get near kids!