6 Apps to Create Free iPhone Ringtones

Guest post by Srikanth
Want to convert your favorite audio file or an mp3 as a iPhone ringtone? Here are some handy applications which enable you to create iPhone compatible ringtones from different audio formats MP3, WAV, WMA and MP4 etc., for free.

7 Best Applications for PC Remote Access

Guest Post by Srikanth
Many applications allow you to share desktop and remotely access your computer. Using these applications you can control your computer from anywhere via the web. These applications work well over the system firewall enabling you to control your computer securely. Remote access applications are very useful to share files and hardware. You […]

How to Access Blocked Websites and Bypass Filters

Guest post by Elisabeta Ghidiu.
How can you access blocked sites and cross web filters? Many people deal with controlled access to specific websites. This happens especially in some countries where Internet censorship is applied and people’s access to specific websites is restricted. Also, these days more and more institutions, schools and companies are implementing this […]

Most Common IM Chat Acronyms and Emoticons

Guest Post by Srikanth
Looking for common chat acronyms, smileys and emoticons? Micro-blogging and text messaging are the hottest trends now a days with the up come of websites like Twitter, Facebook, etc., which allows you to post short messages limited in number of characters. To make the most of the available characters, using short forms […]

8 Popular Feed Readers Compared

Guest post by Srikanth.
Which is the best RSS feed reader? With the ever advancement in the internet technology, every day many new blogs, newspapers, magazines and others sites are coming up with latest news and articles. It is very difficult for anyone to follow each and every favorite site individually to know the latest updates […]

28 Free Online File Format Conversion Tools

Guest post by Srikanth.
The following file conversion sites allows you to convert files of the most common and frequently used file formats. They support almost all kinds of file formats with regard to audio, video, document and image.

5 Best Tools for Online Freedom at Work

Guest post by Dav.
How can you get online freedom at work places? Usually work environments are restrictive and keep tab on your online activities. While at work, IT guys try to prevent you from indulging in online activities deemed “un-productive”. There are number of web tools that allow easy access to blocked stuff without coming […]

9 Best WordPress Security Plugins

Guest post by Srikanth.
Do you know the best security plugins for WordPress? WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms; though it comes packed with security features, hackers always looking for vulnerabilities to hack into your blog.

6 Best Facebook WordPress Plugins

Guest post by Srikanth
Looking for Facebook WordPress Plugins? Facebook is one the biggest social networking sites and most of the users update their account regularly and it is a good medium to share stuff with friends. So installing a Facebook plug-in to your WordPress blog enables your users to easily share the posts. Herein are […]

9 Free WYSIWYG Tools to Create Online Forms

Guest post by Tehseen
Forms are an integral feature of any website or blog but not everybody has the HTML knowledge to create forms easily. If you are one of those people, don’t worry! Because now you can create forms without writing a single line of code. These WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) […]

10 Best Sites to Create Your Own Free Ringtones

Guest post by Srikanth
Want to convert your mp3 to ringtones? There are several reasons people use different ringtones for. For instance, to distinguish between different callers, for the joy of music or just for fun. Different cell phones use different formats. So you need to research what file […]

8 Popular Twitter Clients Compared

Guest post by Srikanth
Twitter is becoming popular day-by-day and thousands of people join Twitter daily. Many third party Twitter clients found their way into internet and there are many Twitter clients available for download.

Success Secrets of a Top Techmeme Tipper

Hundreds of people submit tips to Techmeme, but only a few get accepted. And some top techmeme tippers manage to get  many tips accepted everyday. Atul Arora or @atul on twitter is one such top Techmeme tipper whose tips are listed several times a day on Techememe, everyday! We  requested Atul to answer some questions […]

Top 14 Open Source Applications for Windows

Guest Post by Abhimanyu
Open Source Foundation and people involved with it have developed some of the most used applications on the web and on Windows platform without expecting anything in return. Here are the top 10 open source applications on Windows which we use daily without probably even realizing that they are open source.

10 Best Firefox Extensions to Manage Tabs

Guest Article by Himanshu
Even though Firefox was not the first browser that supported tabs, no other browser can even come close to Firefox when we talk about the tab management. There are innumerable extensions for your Firefox tabs, but� extensions below can really help you save your time managing tabs. […]

29 Warning Signs of Twitter Addiction

Guest article by Venkat.
Are you addicted to Twitter? Twitter is the popular micro blogging platform which allows you to�send messages (tweets) to�your friends, relatives and followers.You can send tweets�to your followers with text upto 140 characters. As Twitter has got really popular, there are people spending all day over twitter with […]

8 Must Have FireFox Extensions for Media Enthusiasts

Guest post by Aditya
FireFox offers various media extensions that can be downloaded for free. Simple installation of these extensions can customize your FireFox to fit your individual preferences. Here are some of the ‘must have FireFox extensions’ for Media Enthusiasts. These FireFox extensions will customize your FireFox to suite your ‘web media spirit’.

10 Cool Firefox Extensions for Twitter

Guest post by Nalla
If you love Firefox and Twitter, then these cool firefox extensions will make your twitter experience even better.

5 Tricks Every Google Talk User Should Know

Guest Post By Shankar Ganesh
Google Talk is the messenger of choice for Gmail users. Although the desktop client hasn’t been improved for a long time, many people use it as their primary instant messenger just because they are loyal Gmail users and many of their friends are. Unlike most other IM clients, Google Talk […]

5 Apps to Wow The Average PC User

Guest article by Shankar Ganesh
Every other day, we read about plenty of new software that promise to get rid of our woes and improve our experience as a PC user. We read about such apps, download, try and then move on. However, the following apps would really make any average PC user say “Wow”. Sometimes, […]

The Big List of Top Women Bloggers

As the world celebrates International Women’s day today, we have collected the most popular, and best women bloggers lists across the world. We are sure you will find some great women bloggers to add to your RSS reader.

6 Free Tools to Create Your Own Chat Room

Guest article by Amit Banerjee
A quick look on the various websites that let you create your own chat room for free. You can create private or password protected chat rooms and also embed your personal chat room to your social profiles or in your blog .

15 Unusual and Strange Computer Mouse

The holiday season is the right time to buy some unusual and strange computer mouse to accessorise your desktops and notebooks and show off some cool computer gear. Here are some unique computer mice to look out for.

9 Tips & Tools to Make Your Computer Run Faster

Guest post by Ruchir Chawdhry
A few months ago, my PC took over 10 minutes to start up.�Now it just takes about a minute.�Want to know how I did it? Here’s how:

12 Essential Tips to Build Your First WordPress Theme

Guest article by Sandip Dedhia from BlogsDNA
I always wanted to contribute to the wordpress community by building a WordPress theme and releasing it to public. After efforts of 20 days I just managed to finish my first WordPress theme. It was a great learning experience for me. During this process I ran […]

5 Free Services to Replace Your Cable TV

Guest article by Herbert Lui from CutEdge
With TiVo, PVR’s and TV tuners, we can see that computers and TV’s are coming together. �Unfortunately, these three solutions all cost one important thing: mullah.� Whether you’re rolling in it or strapped for it, I’m sure that we can all agree that cash is important: and as much […]

15 Secrets of Successful Guest Bloggers

Are you a great guest blogger? Guest blogging has become very popular in the blogosphere as most bloggers write a guest post on top blogs to gain exposure, more readers and free traffic. But successful guest bloggers are smart, know their goals and work hard to achieve the best results.

50 Free Windows Software Alternatives

Guest article by Jason.
Looking for free Windows software alternatives? Microsoft Windows bundles a number of software applications in order to provide a basic experience, such as Internet Explorer, Wordpad, and others. In this article, we wil be listing replacements for basic Windows software and utilities. If you have a suggestion, feel free to list it […]

10 Reasons to Prefer Feedblitz Email over Feedburner Email

Guest article by Arun Basil Lal from Million Clues!
Feedblitz and Feedburner are two services which help readers subscribe to any blog or website. While Feedburner is a Google owned free service, Feedblitz is an ad-supported free service. But the little text advertisement that Feedblitz places at the end of its mail does not make it […]

How to Create a Free Mobile Site in Minutes

Many people access your site using mobile devices and bloggers need to maintain a mobile version of their site so that their blog appears navigable and professional to mobile site visitors. Mofuse is a service which will help you create your mobile site in minutes.

How to Manage Domain Names Like a Pro

Domain names are your prized real estate on the web and securing and protecting your valuable domain name is essential. As the number of your owned domain name increases, managing domain names requires extra effort and advanced skills. Here are some simple tips to keep your domains fine tuned.

10 Best Mommy Bloggers Resources

Its the 100th anniversary of Mothers day and top Mommy bloggers are celebrating the day worldwide. As thousands of Mom bloggers continue talking about their children, parenting, motherhood and busy lifestyle, we point out some resources to find the best Mommy bloggers out there …

9 Easy Tips for Effective Business Blogging

Guest article by Malcolm Sheppard from GILL Media
Blogging tools are so convenient and cost effective that everyone wants to start a blog of their own. If you want better search rankings for your business, it’s practically mandatory. Unfortunately, just because they’re convenient doesn’t mean they’re easy to maintain. It’s easy to hammer words into your […]

6 Essential Tips to Enhance Your Word 2007 Experience

Guest article by Quakeboy from TechTola.com
Here are some cool tips to improve your Word 2007 experience.
1) Oh S***! I forgot to copy the fonts�
In case you�ve used custom fonts in your document, it will start looking bad and misaligned when opened on another computer. The only solution is to manually install all the […]

Top 10 Reasons to Install Free bbPress Forums

I am often asked why I selected bbPress forums to power the QOT Forums. I wanted a message board which was free, reliable, lightweight and easy to customize. There are many forum softwares available online – some free, some paid, but here are the reasons I chose bbPress…

10 Best Google Gadgets For Your Blog

Google Gadgets are mini tools that offer cool and dynamic content that can be placed on any page on the web. Though you can Google gadgets to your iGoogle page, Google Desktop, Blogger, and Page Creator, its even cooler to show off Google gadgets on your own site. There are some very cool gadgets out […]

Google Coop: 5 Steps to Build Social Search Engine for Your Blog

Guest article by S. Maheshwaran from My Mind Leaks
Google coop is a customized search engine service. This allows you to build a social-search engine for your blog. Google coop provides you a control panel where you can start creating your own search engine and later collaborate with users to enhance it i.e. Socialize it.

15 Best Image Search Engines to Find Photos Online

What to find a great photo or perfect celebrity picture? This list of best image search engines will help you find interesting photos in the easiest way possible. You will learn about hidden preferences, unique features that will make you searches images like a professional and actually find the best images possible. Check them […]

15 Unusual and Strange USB Flash Drives

I wanted to buy a USB flash drive on Amazon and found some amazing and strange USB flash drives. So I scanned through hundreds of pen drives listed there to find 15 unique flash drives for your holiday gifts and Christmas shopping…

50 Best WordPress Plugins for Power Blogging

[Updated for WP 2.7!] Looking for the most popular and best wordpress plugins used by professional bloggers? After problogging on WordPress for over 2 years, and after developing some wordpress plugins myself, I present you my top favorite 50 Best WordPress Plugins for Power Blogging.

10 Best Gift Ideas for Bloggers

Its the holiday season and you might want to send a gift to your favorite blogger to let them know you care. As I sat around wondering what gifts might a blogger like… it was not a box of chocolates, a pen drive, or an ipod – bloggers seek different gifts.

15 Benefits and Limitations of WordPress.com Blogs

Everyone wants to blog and with a host of popular free blog hosting solutions available, WordPress.com is a popular choice. However, everything that comes free has its limitations, and it is better to know the benefits and limitations before starting a WordPress.com blog.

10 Most Common Time Wasting Habits of Bloggers

I find myself blogging lesser and wasting more time engaged in several time wasting habits that take away my blogging time. I analyzed my time spent and found some common time wasters for bloggers that needed blogging time management.

10 Best Twitter Tools, Plugins, Widgets for WordPress Blogs

[Regularly Updated] Twitter is buzzing and here is a collection of top 10 twitter tools, plugins, widgets and scripts to integrate with your wordpress blog.  These Twitter tools are easy to implement and you can get them running in  minutes in your wordpress blogs.

Amazing YouTube Video Tools Collection

[Regularly Updated] This is a collection of the best Youtube tools, hacks, mashups and top ways to download Youtube videos. YouTube is the most popular site to share your favorite videos. Recently YouTube was acquired by Google for a few billion dollars. Here is a collection of several YouTube third party tools which enhance your […]

How to Complain and Report Spam Blogger Blogs

There are hundreds of spam blogs (also called Splogs) in the blogosphere, mostly created on free blogging platform Blogger. How can you report and complain about these spam blogs.

Giant Blogging Terms Glossary: Need a Blog Dictionary?

Are you puzzled by strange blogging terms and unusual blog abbreviations and blogging acronyms? Then this post will get the Blargon Demystified. This article attempts to simplify some common blogging terms organized into a simple blogging glossary. Only common and popular blog tools and services have been included.

The Big Google Search Tools Collection

Google indexes and searches billions of webpages and is the premier search engine on the internet. A quick analysis of the search page is helpful to understand and analyze the search results. Learn the essentials of Google Search and remember to set your preferences.

Top 10 Extensions to Manage Firefox Extensions

Have you installed the 50 best firefox extensions and now want an easy way to manage them. So Manage Firefox Extensions With More Extensions!

50 Best Firefox Extensions for Power Surfing

[Updated] Which are the most popular firefox addons and extensions? Here is an attempt to collect the 50 popular and best firefox extensions which make your browsing, downloading and navigation in Firefox as easy as possible, while harnessing the full power and features of Firefox.

Amazing Digg Tools Collection

Looking for Digg tools, hacks and services for� a powerful Digg experience? Digg is a technology news website that combines social bookmarking, blogging, RSS, and non-hierarchical editorial control. With digg, users submit stories for review, but rather than allow an editor to decide which stories go on the homepage, the users do and thereafter Digg […]

Download 15 Best Toolbars for Your Web Browser

Now you can download some of the best and popular browser toolbars? A toolbar sits on your web browser and enables quick access to many useful functions making online surfing easier. Here is a list of popular toolbars for your web browser.

15 Common Mistakes that Violate Google Adsense TOS

Google Adsense publishers often commit common� mistakes that could ban their Adsense account. Google Adsense is a popular web advertising program which provides a good income source for many websites. There are well defined terms of service to strictly adhere to when participating in the program.

The Great Flickr Tools Collection

[Regularly Updated] Looking for Flickr Tools, hacks and services for a powerful photo sharing experience? Flickr is a revolution in photo storage, sharing and organization , making image management an easy, natural and collaborative process. Get comments, notes, and tags on your photos, post to any blog, share and chat live and more! Flickr […]

Absolutely Delicious Tools Collection

[Regularly Updated] Looking for the best delicious tools, mashups, hacks and services on the web. Delicious is a popular social bookmarks manager that lets you create and share your personal collection of links and categorize them with keyword tags. You can start by viewing the most popular bookmarks. Get started quickly by this Beginner’s […]


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